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They solved my problem
I was working as a container unloader manually emptying cargo from shipping containers that involved a lot of bending, lifting and jumping on and off forklifts. Being comfortable in a high paced manual labour job is a priority if your going to be doing it 8 hours a day 5 days a week. Any man in a similar position can tell you how valuable a comfortable pair of shorts that allow you to move freely can be, I found my favorite shorts to wear were my MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) training shorts that featured a spandex crotch. The problem with these were they weren't designed to be used in the harsh working environment so they wouldn't last long and they weren't cheap to replace either, on the other hand wearing traditional work wear style shorts didn't work either even they were tough they weren't flexible or comfortable enough for the constant movement and bending on the job. I had a lightbulb idea moment and decided to design my own shorts by combining the features of MMA shorts with features of work wear shorts. I literally found a designer to help me design the shorts then I jumped on a plane and went to Bangladesh and found a factory to produce them for me, the end product being the most comfortable and versatile work wear shorts available for your everday person who places comfort high on there priorities.