Feel free and comfortable during your work day with our tough, durable and flexible work shorts.

Made from strong 310gsm cotton drill and spandex in the crotch, featuring 8 pockets to fit all the necessities they are the most comfortable and functional work shorts you'll wear and only available from Hard Knocks Tough Wear.


To say my husband loves these pants is an understatement. He thought he lost the supplier and I found them for him. You would think I gave him a million dollars that’s how much he loves them. He says their is pockets for everything he needs to carry on site. I dare you to get one, you won’t buy from any where else again.

Jaid Layton

As a bricklayer it's hard to get good work pants but these are great.awesome with the stretchy material inside the legs for climbing up scaffold etc and just plain comfort.also work great as casual walk shorts

Curtis Parter
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    They solved my problem I was working as a container unloader manually emptying cargo from shipping containers that involved a lot of bending, lifti...